A.J. POWER Generating sets

Quality products at affordable prices

A.J. Power manufacture a wide range of diesel generating sets covering power outputs from 12 kVA to 2,200 kVA which includes small generators for standby domestic use, up to complete power stations supplying electricity for national grids. We also offer second hand machines, part exchange options and a comprehensive maintenance contract to suit the customer’s requirements. Plustronics also deals in FG Wilson sets.

PLUSTRONICS LIMITED offers a wide range of services. These include: –

  • Specialists in service contract maintenance
  • Part exchange on your new purchase
  • Supply of sets and spare parts
  • Design and Installation

3 Series

The ‘3D series‘, powered by the all-new Deutz 2009 engine sets new standards in performance and fuel consumption, for others to follow. Ratings from 10 – 33 kVA

5 Series

The ‘5 series‘ sets standards of excellence both in terms of technology and performance. The fit, form and function are clearly discernable, harmonising aesthetics with clarity of control. Ratings from 36 – 250 kVA

7 Series

The ‘7 series‘, powered by the all-new DC12 and DC16 Scania engines are already earning a worldwide reputation. These engines offer premium features, normally associated with larger engines, and ensure generating sets of high performance. Ratings 350 – 550 kVA

9 Series

The heart of a genset is its engine and with MTU-DDC the ‘9 series‘ has the best. Part of the Mercedes Benz family they provide quality and performance that you would expect from a global leader in heavy duty engines. Ratings 650 – 2200 kVA


Established with it’s current name in 1992,¬†
Plustronics Limited specialises in providing comprehensive solutions to power supply problems as well as engineering and servicing.